About aialaia

aialaia is an AI start-up from Amsterdam, providing teachers and schools with virtual teaching assistants. aialaia's generative AI technology enables the creation of helpful and intelligent digital tools that saves time to teachers and seamlessly integrate with various platform systems. The aialaia smart tool set creates educational materials and comes up with inspiring lesson ideas.

aialaia aims to make the latest AI technologies accessible to any teacher and school. Over the next few years, the company will deploy an increasing number of smart tools who can assist teachers with various tasks, from developing lesson plans to realizing complete learning handouts. Just like a regular teaching assistant, you can use aialaia's support at any phase of the educational process. By deploying virtual teaching assistants aialaia will transform the work of teachers all through the educational system.

By harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies, aialaia's platform is trained on subjects such as adaptive learning, differentiation and formative assessment. Additionally, any output is tailored to match the specific needs of individual teachers. aialaia collaborates with teachers teams to effectively and personally onboard schools, saving time while improving learning quality.

As a generative AI startup aialaia functions as a staffing agency for digital teaching assistants. Artificial intelligence will fundamentally change how we teach and learn in the coming years. aialaia's mission is to make AI technologies accessible for teachers through simple conversations. To achieve this, aialaia creates smart tools saving teachers time while improving learning quality. Learn more at www.aialaia.com

Our team consists of an interdisciplinary collaboration among experts in AI, UX and educational researchers. If you like to join an exiting adventure please have a look at the unique job opportunities to join our collaborative team. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, creative thinker, or problem solver, explore a range of roles that will help you grow professionally while contributing to AI innovation. Start your journey towards a fulfilling career with us.

We have offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Tel Aviv, Israel, but we also work with remote team members.


Our team consists of an interdisciplinary collaboration among experts in AI, UX and educational researchers.

Miriam Levy

Chief Executive and Marketing Officer

Naftalie Hershler

Chief Educational and Technology Officer