Discover your next career move with aIalaia. We're a forward-thinking AI company offering unique opportunities to join our collaborative team. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, creative thinker, or problem solver, explore a range of roles that will help you grow professionally while contributing to AI innovation. Start your journey towards a fulfilling career with us.

We have offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Tel Aviv, Israel, but we also work with remote team members.

1. Developer: AI Systems and Applications

Role Description:As an AI Systems and Applications Developer at aialaiaI, you will play a vital role in building, maintaining, and improving the core AI infrastructure and applications. You will work closely with a dynamic team of engineers and researchers to develop AI-driven features, enhance natural language processing capabilities, and optimize the platform's performance. Your work will directly impact the quality of education delivered to students worldwide.


  • Design and implement AI-powered features and functionalities for the virtual teacher assistant platform.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate AI technologies seamlessly into the educational ecosystem.
  • Develop and enhance natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to facilitate interactive and personalized learning experiences.
  • Continuously monitor and optimize the performance of AI systems, ensuring smooth functionality and minimal downtime.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI and educational technology to drive innovation within the platform.

2. Consultant: Education Technology and Implementation

Role Description:As an Education Technology and Implementation Consultant at aialaia, you will work directly with educational institutions, teachers, and administrators to integrate our virtual teacher assistant into their curriculum and classrooms. You will provide strategic guidance, training, and support to ensure a seamless implementation process and successful adoption of the platform.


  • Collaborate with educational institutions to assess their needs and tailor aialaia implementation strategy accordingly.
  • Develop customized implementation plans, providing guidance on integrating the virtual teacher assistant into various educational settings.
  • Conduct training sessions for teachers and staff to ensure they are proficient in using the platform's features effectively.
  • Offer ongoing support and troubleshooting assistance to address any challenges that arise during the implementation phase.
  • Gather feedback from clients to inform product improvements and enhancements.

3. Learning Expert: AI-Powered Education Design

Role Description:As a Learning Expert at aialaia, you will be a key player in designing innovative and engaging AI-powered learning experiences. You will collaborate with curriculum designers, educators, and AI developers to create content that leverages AI to cater to individual student needs, preferences, and learning styles.


  • Design and curate educational content that aligns with curriculum objectives and takes advantage of AI-driven personalization.
  • Collaborate with curriculum developers to create adaptive learning pathways and assessment strategies.
  • Integrate AI-generated insights to provide real-time feedback to students and educators, fostering a data-driven learning environment.
  • Analyze learning data to refine content recommendations, adapting to student progress and performance.
  • Stay informed about pedagogical trends and emerging technologies to continuously enhance learning experiences.

At aialaia, we are dedicated to transforming education through AI innovation. If you are ready to contribute your expertise to our mission and be a part of a dynamic team, we invite you to apply. Join us in shaping the future of learning! If you're interested please callapp or mail and we'll tell you more.

Note: aialaia is committed to diversity and inclusion and encourages applications from individuals of all backgrounds and experiences.