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Fill in the Blanks Creator

aia will create fun and interesting Fill in the Blanks exercises for students of any grade

Vocabulary Game Creator

Let aia help your students of any grade level with games to practice vocabulary

Text Question Generator

aia will help you with engaging, grade level ready-made questions for any text

Text Adapter Tool

aialaia wil help you to adapt any given text to the level of your students

Summary Maker

aia will make a summary of any text, at ones on different levels to differentiate

Dictation Exercise Builder

Let aialaia help you to build a dictation exercise  on any topic and for any grade level.

Educational Poem

aia will make you a poem to surprise and engage your students of any grade level

Essay Assignment Creator

Create exiting and engaging assignments your students of any grade level will love


Groups Activities Wizard

aia creates great group building games and engaging activities for your group

Statements Tool

aia generates provocative statements for discussions or writing assignments

Chat Cards Creator

aia creates cards about any subject to start meaningful chats with your students

Energizers Machine

Let aia create exciting and fun energizers, tailored for your group and any age


Concept Explanation Tool

Let aialaia explain any concept in clear language and for any grade level

Subject Teaser Generator

Generate exiting teasers on any  topic to start your lesson in an engaging way

Process description tool

aia will describe and clarify any process to your students, step by step 

Syllabus Maker

Let aia create a professional syllabus of your class or course

Report Letter Generator

Let aia help you write a motivational personal letter to accompany the report

Science Base Checker

Check any topic on scientific evidence and let your students understand

Survey Machine

Create a survey on any subject to know more about your students opinion

Timeline Builder

aialaia will build a timeline for you on any topic and for any grade level 

Edu Persona Designer

aia creates persona's to help you develop your course and lesson plan

Lesson Plan Maker

Let aia create an inspiring ready-made Lesson Plan on any topic imaginable

Words Explainer

Let aia explain any word to students in language appropriate for their grade

Design Thinking Lesson

aialaia will build a Design Thinking Lesson for you on any topic and for any grade level 

Lesson Plan Maker

Let aia create an inspiring ready-made Lesson Plan on any topic imaginable

5E model lesson plan

Engage your students in meaningful and interactive learning experiences

Learning Program Maker

aialaia will create a learning program on any subject, including a week planning

Exit Ticket Maker

Use aia to create original exit tickets for any grade level and on any topic

Concept Comparison Tool

Let aia help you to explain the difference between two concepts for any grade

Feedback Machine

aia will give positive and meaningful feedback on any submitted text 


True/False Exercise Maker

Use aia to create interesting and educational true/false exercises on any subject

Multiple Choice Test Maker

aia makes a complete MC Test for you, including questions and answers

Opposites Exercises Maker

aia will help you to generate an educational and fun opposite exercise 

Book Reading List Coach

Use aia to generate a list of age appropriate books for your students


Proverbs Game Maker

Let aia create fun games to practice language and enrich vocabulary

Intro Games Coach

Let aia come up with great fun introductory games for any grade level

Knowledge Games Coach

Through playful learning you help your students process knowledge on any topic

Diversity Games Coach

Let aialaia create engaging diversity and inclusion games for your students

Any Game Designer

Let aialaia create any kind of fun game for any purpose and for any grade level


Craft Ideas Generator

aia comes up with great craft ideas for you to suit your subject and class

Story Writer

Let aialaia write you a nice fictional story on any subject and for any grade

Monkey Maker

Ape stories let students comprehend emotional challenges in a fun way

Add your own tool

Add your own tool

Premium users can request custom tools. aia realizes the tool for you.

What teachers say about aialaia®

It's wonderful to have your own teaching assistant 24 hours a day. I'm not that technical, but with aialaia you can quickly make the most beautiful things. It really saves me a lot of time.

July Graham College Finance teacher

As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to make my lessons more effective and better support my students. Aialaia helps me to improve my teaching materials tremendously.

Paul Simons  10th grade teacher

I've become really addicted. It's amazing how much time you can save with aialaia. But honestly, aia also comes up with more fun activities than I come up with myself.

Mandy Walker 3th grade teacher

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